“BAQTO“ has now joined the list of POINT66 merchants.
“BAQTO” is a new service that opened in July 2023, offering the best gaming experience and generous bonuses. Let`s have a look.

What`s “BAQTO”?

The name "BAQTO" is derived from the word "博徒", the "Q" stands for quality and means providing a high-quality "playground" for everyone.

The "BAQTO" offers a wealth of content, such as casino games, poker, mahjong and sports betting.

The design of the site is eye-catching!

Many campaigns to celebrate the opening!

To celebrate the new opening, there are a number of promotions available.
Details of the special offers and bonuses can be found on the BAQTO website.

BAQTO's special offers can also be found on Twitter!

[ BAQTO Twitter is here! ]

The most attractive thing about "BAQTO" is that you can enjoy four different genres of games on one site.
This is a unique feature of "BAQTO" that is not found in any other service.

Please experience the freedom to try any game and the satisfaction of enjoying the fun with BAQTO!


Create new account here!


How to deposit money into BAQTO from “POINT66”

  1. Top up your POINT66 balance
    (Check HERE for top up methods)
    *Opening an account of EZE WALLET is needed.
  2. Login to BAQTO and select POINT66 in cashier.
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, than input the POINT66’s registered email address and account number (1st time only)
  4. Redirect to POINT66 and complete the payment
    *Select either ‘Point’ or ‘Coin’ to deposit

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