The "Casino Days" is a new member of Point66's partners.
"Casino Days" entered the Japanese market in 2020.
Here is a brief introduction to the charms of "Casino Days".

What is Casino Days?

"Casino Days" is an online casino that offers approximately 5,000 different casino games and a wide variety of promotions.
Slots, table games, and live casino games are available in a variety of genres. New games are added every week.

Full promotion!

Casino Days offers a variety of great promotions, including free spins just for signing up and receiving a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 and 350 free spins.
There are also daily promotions such as cash back, free bets, and raffles to enjoy.

You can also check out Casino Days special offers on its official Twitter page!

[ Casino Days Twitter is here! ]

The official ambassador of the world of Casino Days, Saara, is also updating her Twitter feed daily!
Sign up now and get ready for an exciting daily routine.

Casino Days

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Casino Days

How to deposit to Casino Days from “POINT66”

  1. Top up your POINT66 balance
    (Check HERE for top up methods)
    *Opening an account of EZE WALLET is needed.
  2. Login to Casino Days and select POINT66 in cashier
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, than input the POINT66’s registered email address and account number (1st time only)
  4. Redirect to POINT66 and complete the payment
    *Select either ‘Point’ or ‘Coin’ to deposit

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