POINT66 has connected with a new merchant that is our first ever Online Poker service called "KKPOKER"!!
KKPOKER leads the industry as one of the best Online Poker platform. Let's have a look.

What's "KKPOKER"??

KKPOKER is an unuque online casino that specializes in Online Poker as the name suggests.
After launching in 2019, the number of players have been rapidly increasing all over the world. They even hold the offline tournaments in Tokyo every year.

KKPOKER is only available with smartphones and tablets, installing an App is neccessary to play.
Unlike general online casinos, it is not compatible with PCs, and all the UI/UX itself is made especially for smartphones and tablets, so it is very easy for users to play.

In addition, player can easily deposit from POINT66 to KKPOKER on the app!

Beginner-Friendly features!

7 poker games are available in 1 app.
Being able to play such a wide variety of poker games is a unique service of KKPOKER, which specializes in online poker, and is the best environment for players who want to enjoy poker 24x7 at the fingertips.

Also, unlike other popular poker services, it is said that there are relatively many beginners, and one of the big attractions is that even those who have just started playing poker have enough chance to win.

Players can easily make enquiries in Japanese on LINE!
Feel free to contact them!

You can check the latest official information on Twitter too!


How to deposit to KKPOKER from“POINT66”

  1. Top up your POINT66 balance
    (Check HERE for top up methods)
    *Opening an account of EZE WALLET is needed.
  2. Login to KKPOKER and select POINT66 in cashier
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, than input the POINT66’s registered email address and account number (1st time only)
  4. Redirect to POINT66 and complete the payment
    *Select either ‘Point’ or ‘Coin’ to deposit

Let's play poker with KKPOKER!!

Only three years after its launch, KKPOKER has grown to become one of the most valuable online poker services.
In 2022,they opened an offline poker room "KKLIVE POKER SHINJUKU" in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

KKPOKER, where you can enjoy a variety of poker worlds both online and offline, is sure to attract more poker players in 2023.
More features and campaigns are coming up soon.. Don’t miss it!


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