What’s “Monkaji”??

Monkaji is a ‘booming’ online gaming platform operated by the highly experienced experts which has been recently released. They already supply 3,500+ games, that is quite outstanding for an emerging service. Also, this website as known as “Monster Casino” provides gentle guides & tips for free which attract all players from beginners to experts.

The best point about Monkaji is its simple and organized campaigns!
Besides the standard bonuses, Monkaji gives all players the unique rewards called “Gohoubi” as a free bonus. If you wish to know what’s “Gohoubi”, check this out on your own..!

How to deposit to Monkaji via “POINT66”

  1. Top up your POINT66 balance
    (Check HERE for top up methods)
    *Opening an account of EZE WALLET is needed.
  2. Sign in to Monkaji and select POINT66 in cashier
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, than input the POINT66’s registered email address and account number (1st time only)
  4. Redirect to POINT66 and complete the payment
    *Select either ‘Point’ or ‘Coin’ to deposit

Let’s PLAY!

Clean sophisticated design in website and cute characters are another points to enjoy on Monkaji.
More features and campaigns are coming up soon.. Don’t miss it!


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