What’s “Mystino”??

One of the most familiar online casinos “Mystino” expands a wonderful worldview with the sophisticated designs and its original characters are pretty cute and iconic.
Their bonus contents and help desk are very decent so that all players can safely enjoy games.

Mystino’s unique cashback-style as players may suddenly get a part of deposited funds back has been gathering attention. You will be over the moon if you get the ‘unexpected’ bonus.
There are more attractive elements on Mystino’s world, we do recommend to check this out if you have not played before!

How to deposit to Mystino via “POINT66”

  1. Top up your POINT66 balance
    (Check HERE for top up methods)
    *Opening an account of EZE WALLET is needed.
  2. Log in to Mystino and select POINT66 in cashier
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, than input the POINT66’s registered email address and account number (1st time only)
  4. Redirect to POINT66 and complete the payment
    *Select either ‘Point’ or ‘Coin’ to deposit

Let’s PLAY!

Located in the magical world where you may get lucky once you visit, the main character girl “Mysty” and the smart rabbit “Jack” will liven your adventure up! Also, Mysty is renowned as a V-Tuber and performing on YouTube etc.
More features and campaigns are coming up soon.. Don’t miss it!


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