POINT66 has implemented new useful features!

Let's try a new style Point Exchange with POINT66!

New Features

  1. Account linking to EZE Wallet
  2. One-step Point Deposits/Withdrawals

Start Date

23 january, 2023 (Mon)

Pick Up

  1. Account linking to EZE Wallet
    Once your POINT66 account has been linked to EZE Wallet account, you will no longer need to log-in to EZE Wallet and can make quick payments by handling only POINT66 account.

    ★POINT66 Existing Users
    Please complete to link your accounts at the first deposit request.

    ★POINT66 New Users
    Please note that an EZE Wallet account will be created and linked automatically at the first deposit.

  2. One-step Point Deposits/Withdrawals
    You can both top-up and pay-out POINT66 account in one-step quickly and easily.

    Check below for details.

POINT66 will do our best to improve the survice.

If you have any type of questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

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