You can withdraw 'Coin' (*) from POINT66 and cash them out via EZE Wallet.
You cannot withdraw 'Point' (*).

Point on POINT66 is classified into two types
①'Point' = purchased from EZE Wallet ②'Coin' = withdrawn from Member Stores
'Point' and 'Coin' cannot be summed.


  1. Send 'Coin' from POINT66 to EZE Wallet.
  2. Convert USD Points to JPY Points on EZE Wallet.
  3. Withdraw JPY Point on EZE Wallet.
  1. Select 'Coin' and enter the preferred amount

    Please select "Withdraw Coins" from the balance frame on My Page

    Enter the amount that you wish to transfer into EZE Wallet and tap 'Confirm'.

    Please tap 'Withdraw Coins' to complete if your entry is reflected correctly on confirmation.

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