POINT66 hereby set out basis rules in using our logos as any person who desires to use the POINT66 logo may use the logo without any charge or permission, for the porpose of the introduction/promotion/advertising for our service, by following the guidelines.
Please read and follow the rules for each section in terms of prohibited and specified matters. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or enquiries, or if you wish to get a extra request for the usage.

Minimum size & Clear space

Please ensure the readability of the logo. The minimum length of the short side is 44px. The wordmark should always be surrounded by generous white space as 50% of the short side.
(e.g. Preferable clear space for 44px as the short side → (44px÷2)px = 22px)

Colour & Alteration

Please do not change the colour of the logo. Also, any alteration, decoration or distortion are NOT allowed.


Please do not use the colour which entirely and partly hides the edge of the logo #000000 for background. Preferable colour/brightness for background is at least #777777 (≒black 50%) or brighter.

Other prohibitions

  • Do not use POINT66 logo as the part of different service, trademark, logo or company name.
  • Do not use any of POINT66 logo which is downloaded on external websites.


What is
(88px | 72ppi)
What is
(240px | 72ppi)
POINT66 Official X (ex.Twitter) Account