"Points" on POINT66 are equivalent to USD (1.00 point = $1.00).
You can purchase Points via EZE Wallet payments in JPY


  1. Sign up to POINT66
  2. Request a deposit from “Purchase Points” on My Page.
  3. Make a payment via “EZE Wallet” → That’s it!
  1. 1.Sign up to POINT66

    Sign up HERE if you haven’t created an account on POINT66.

  2. 2.Request a deposit from “Purchase Points” on My Page.

    After log-in to POINT66, tap “Purchase Points”.

    Enter the deposit amount in USD, then tap “Confirm” to proceed.

    If the request is correct on confirmation, please proceed to 'Purchase Points'.

  3. 3.Make a payment via “EZE Wallet” → That’s it!

    Select a payment method on EZE Wallet payment page.
    Then you will be redirected to the external page according to the method, and complete the payment following its procedure.

    *Available deposit methods: Convenience Store, Online Banking and ATM
    *KYC check is required at the second deposit request. (Normally it takes 5 mins – 1 business day to complete)

    The balance is instantly deposited to your POINT66 account once the payment has been done.
    *Payment confirmation will be sent to your email.

    Points have been added to your balance.
    Let’s exchange Points to your favorite merchant site and use there!

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