The POINT66 (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) was created by taking drastic and advanced measures against information leakage risks.We have established the "Security Policy" to earn the trust of customers and society at all times. From now on, we will comply with this "Privacy Policy" and the "Security Policy",
We will protect information assets from various threats, handle them appropriately, and maintain information security.

Establishment of information security management system

We will strive to protect all information assets held by the Site and comply with laws, regulations, and other standards related to information security, thereby building an extremely secure information security management system that is always trusted by society.

Development of Internal Rules on Information Security

We have established internal rules based on our information security policy, and we have established a clear policy on the handling of not only personal information but also all information assets. We have also made it known both inside and outside the company that we will take strict measures against information leaks and other incidents.

Maintenance and improvement of audit system

We will establish a system to conduct internal audits to ensure compliance with information security policies, regulations, rules, etc. We will also continue to conduct external audits to obtain more objective evaluations. These audits are conducted in a planned manner to prove that employees and others comply with the security policy.

Implementation of a system that thoroughly measures against information security

We will implement a system that reflects thorough measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion, leakage, alteration, loss, destruction, and interference with the use of information assets. As a countermeasures, we will thoroughly manage access to data and systems, such as working in high-security areas, granting access rights, and restricting database access rights.

Improve information security literacy

We will provide thorough security education and training to all employees so that everyone involved with the information assets of the Site can carry out their work with information security literacy. We will continue to provide education and training so that we can respond to the ever-changing situation.

Strengthen management system of outsourcing company

When entering into an outsourcing agreement, we will fully assess the eligibility of the subcontractor and request that it maintain a security level equal to or higher than that of the Site. In addition, in order to continue to confirm that these security levels are maintained appropriately, we will continue to review outsourced contractors and strive to strengthen the contracts.

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