PointCup was reborn to POINT66


POINT66 is a newly revamped point exchange service inspired by POINTCUP.
You can get points through unique local payments and redeem them at multiple merchants.



  • 1・Deposit Points on EZE Wallet

    Sign up for EZE Wallet, an Online Wallet available all over the World.

  • 2・Transfer Points to Multiple Member Stores

    Purchase your Points from EZE Wallet,
    and Transfer those Points into Member Stores to utilize!

  • 3・Boost Your Points

    After increasing your Points on Member Stores, you can collect them on POINT66. And you can flexibly transfer your Points between multiple Member Stores!

  • 4・Cash Out via EZE Wallet

    After sending your Points back to EZE Wallet, you can withdraw them in cash. (Coming soon..) Saving up in your wallet, Withdrawing in cash, Manage your Points all you want!

Reliable and decent support for All Customers

Live Chat Available,
easy to contact us!

EZE Wallet

Purchase Points from EZE Wallet

Points purchased from EZE Wallet are usable
for all POINT66's Member Stores.

POINT66 Official Twitter Account