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What is POINT66?

POINT66 is an online point exchange site specialized for Japan Market.

  • Deposit & Withdrawal available
  • Customer Support & Live Chat
User flow

What is Point & Coin in POINT66?

User can transfer "Point" to our merchants, and "Coin" to both EZE Wallet & our merchants.
"Point" becomes "Coin" after a user withdraws the funds from our merchant to POINT66.
*1.00 Point/Coin = $1.00

POINT66 itself do not equip payment system so that POINT66 tie-up with our partner e-wallet site "EZE WALLET".
By taking advantage of "EZE WALLET",
our users can top-up funds by Credit Cards and at Convenience Stores in Japan.


Worldwide online payment Service with high security.

  • Top-up by Credit Cards & at Convenience Stores in Japan
  • Online currency exchange
  • Customer Support & Live Chat available
  • Prepaid Card issuance

Values of POINT66

  1. 01

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    As an useful payment method with both deposit & withdrawal functions, POINT66 become a bridge between clients and merchants.
    Tie-up with "EZE WALLET" makes POINT66 more valuable and functional!

  2. 02


    As a hub between users and merchants, POINT66 stimulate people transactions and flourish the market.

  3. 03

    Specialized for Japan Market

    POINT66 thoroughly ensure compliance and protect both clients and merchants from potential risks with high security schemes.
    By following the regulations, POINT66 maximize your business potential in Japan market.

5 easy STEPs for integration

  1. Contact us from HERE
  2. Greeting & Introduction Our account manager will contact you.
  3. Make an agreement
  4. API Integration Thorough TEST should be included.
  5. Go-Live!

*KYB (Know Your Business) procedure should be done before completing an agreement to assess customer risk and a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws.

Devcode integration available

DEVCODE Part of bambora


Why do POINT66 have 2 types of fund, "Point" and "Coin"?
It's because to differentiate the value of transactions, we can offer different price for each transaction flow.
Which currencies does POINT66 support?
POINT66 support only 'USD'.
Is there maximum/minimum limit amounts to deposit and withdraw?
Each deposit from POINT66 to our merchants is available from 10.00 point. The maximum limit to deposit & limits to withdraw depend on each merchants' policy.
How many merchants do you have?
We have 10+ merchants and will add more accordingly.
How many active users do you have?
We will have 10,000+ active users in Japan by 2022.
How much is POINT66's cost?
Please contact us from HERE and we will offer the best price.

We will contact you to tell you more about how our solutions can help your business.

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